Fish skin clothes

I wonder why this sounds strange - fish skin clothing? Finnish clothing company Noolan make really interesting designs. From the website, "The word Noolan means "northern wind" in the local dialect...", "The materials used are: felt, linen and oil on canvas. The speciality of this collection is fish skin used for details or as the single material. The fish used here is Nile Pearch and Burbot. On demand all clothes can be produced in fish skin alone."
"Noolan is the roughness of the Ostrobotnian landscape, the presence of the sea. It is the open fields, the high sky and the calmness in the wild…" (Marja Rak, Designer and Founder of Noolan).
I guess with a fish skin coat the "...presence of the sea" would be undeniable.
I do like the look of the designs very much and there's great appeal in the functional aesthetic implied by "felt, linen and oil on canvas", but maybe I'm also being seduced by the idea of an "exotic north".
Noolan's clothes are featured on the website of the band Gjallarhorn and I think they look just great.