Live electronic listening music, Ipswich, March 22nd

Live sets by girl in a gale and Alastair Wilson.

girl in a gale in the Barber Shop live set

The album Blackcurrant has 7 tracks, the last 4 are in two parts recorded live in The Barber Shop, Quay St, Woodbridge. I put these four live tracks as two longer pieces because I like the transitions.
Spotify playlist.

Sonitus at Old Jet

"Synthposium" is a collection of synth enthusiasts and signed electronic artists, demoing and performing their set-ups and sets, run by Sonitus and hosted at Old Jet Studios, Bentwater, Suffolk, UK. I took my suitcase synths based on two Moog Mother 32's and other devices mounted in a suitcase. The highlight of the day for me was the food, a Moog Daal with salad and a delightful fluffy, bun shaped pitta bread (pitta bread taken to the next level!)

Electronic Listening Music (ELM)

A local barber is quite a character, he's had banjo players, a trio of double bass, guitar and vocals and a solo guitarist, perform gigs in his barber shop on odd afternoons. He asked me to play a set of Electronic Listening Music, which is beats, synths and samples, a melodic, minimalist form of Techno music. Thursday at 15th February 2018 at 2pm till 3pm I shall play a set of girl in a gale music.Quay Street Barbers, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. This is a run-through of my set of Post-modern barbershop music.

A single oscillator can make hi hats, kicks, snare, bass line, chord pads and melodic thrills.

Moog Mother 32 is a single oscillator mono analogue synthesizer. Mother 32 is a "subtractive" synth which is an oscillator produces a square or triangle wave form which sound like a couple of similar buzzing and aggravating timbres. The magic happens when a filter reduces some of the higher partials, so a buzz turns to a more sensual tone. The envelope generator is a set of controls to make the beginning, middle and end of the buzz tone slow, sustained, and, like pressing the loud pedal on a piano, sustained. There are numerous other voltage controlled routes for the raw buzz - a filter resonance, which adds feedback into the upper partials (partials are parts of a tone above the fundamental note we hear), filter resonance can extremely emphasise the upper tonalities even to a screaming howl. It's all in the subtle tweaking of these voltage controls. Another voltage control is a "white noise" maker which on a staccatto note sounds like a percussion instrument, …

Sorrdes - Strange Hymns. "Show your Working".

A local electronic music artist sent me a track to add synth to. I was pleased with my contribution and Liam Poole (artist name Sorrdes) was immediately enthusiastic, when someone wants me to collaborate I put in 100% and enjoy creating as much as I do my own music. That was middle of 2017. The track seemed to disappear until this week when Sorrdes new album release, "Strange Hymns" was announced and the track I added synth to, "Show your Working" is on it.
Sorrdes has distributed to all the usual online music media, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and the album can be heard free or purchased, on Bandcamp.
Strange Hymns by Sorrdes

girl in a gale solo electronica

The past year I have been building a set to play live. I have seven albums on Spotify and my favourite tracks are included in the set. There are several sets, a few hours of performance. Some tracks are no longer required for performance, as I try various styles and my skill develops I drop tracks and focus on those I find the most interesting.
My current learning is how to transition between tracks, rather than getting to the track end, turning off the track, selecting the next and starting it, I have some ways to move between sounds, similar to a dj mixing tracks, but this is all my own music and transitions are a creative opportunity to play between different rhythms and keys.
In January 2018 I made a track called "Icte", for an album I am building called "Blackcurrant". I have also been working in a trio called "Bentwater" which has been a lot of fun, hours of synths, drum machine and electric cello. The results are interesting but also I have slowed …