Spotify is drawing my attention

I've spent a few months subscribing to Spotify, a few other months with Google Play Music, but found more music on YouTube. YouTube has live sets where the artist can be seen playing instruments.
Other people have said they prefer Spotify to YouTube because the streaming quality is higher. I thought I'd not noticed a lack of audio quality on YouTube but recently I made a Spotify playlist of my current listening including a couple of my own tracks and during that I definitely noticed the richer audio compared to YouTube.
I'm thinking of subscribing to Spotify again, get rid of those adverts every 30 minutes and make it easier to manage my playlists.
Here is a link to my own work on Spotify, if you have a liking for electronic listening music, ambient techno, then you may like to subscribe to "girl in a gale". Thank you for listening.

Sunday morning exquisite vibes, improvised ambient techno.

With all the Facebook, YouTube and other social media clamouring for our visual attention my visual field is almost constantly violated, but I find two things soothing: Twitter, because it is what it is, just tweets, easily scrollable and ignorable; and, Podcasts, because my ears do not need reading glasses and I can wash-up, cook, drive, cuddle the dog while passively hearing a podcast.
So I have been podcasting. Here is the 2nd podcast of May 2018, a Sunday morning subharmicon vibe of delicious coffee and waking-up.

Going through old tracks, playing them completely differently and Podcasting.

Podcasts have interested me, a chance to listen while cooking or doing the washing-up, or driving, without the need to look at a screen. My tired eyes from years of Facebook browsing need a rest.
A local musician Talvin Singh makes regular Mixcloud podcasts which I enjoy, so I tried one of my own - an hour of live comments on my workflow and equipment between chillout ambient techno and breakbeats.
I had to Google "Breakbeats" because I thought it meant some kind of Trap or Drum&Bass genre but it means 4/4 beats but with distinct variations from the established electronic dance music four-on-the-floor kick. There is the term "broken beats" too where the drums are unquantised to the grid, it is consistently rhythmical but discrete beats are offset - pushed and pulled - to give a more creative edge to the beat.
In this first Podcast my voice is recorded too quietly and I shall endeavour to correct this in the next one. What I find compelling about these hour live sets is they are not an "album" or a live performance, they are a recording of a musician at work.
Because the music is played live there are inconsistencies - a loud surge of bass; a sudden cut of a keyboard riff; drums abruptly stopping. These error messages within the set make it human. Too much electronic music is overly-perfect, having been processed within a multi-track DAW (Digital Audio Workstation): all errors ironed out in a computer.

Ambient techno in a barbershop, whatever next!

Local barber, Carl Bowen, asked me to do a live set in his shop. How peculiar, so yes of course I will. The set went nice and I recorded it from the mixer so the quality was good and I released the album, "girl in a gale - live set at the barbershop".
It is on Apple Music and Spotify etc but also Bandcamp. It's a tenner to buy but you can listen for free on Bandcamp Here's the Bandcamp link.

live set at the barbershop - album release. May 4th 2018

Barber Carl Bowen invited me to do a live ambient techno set in the shop while he was cutting hair.

Listen on Spotify

Album release Friday 27th April 2018.

Album release: girl in a gale - live set at the smokehouse. 12 tracks. On Spotify and Apple Music from today. Play on Spotify
Thanks to Jan Pulsford for the photo.

Ambient techno at The Beowulf Festival

#Beowulf CONFIRMED: girl in a gale #BeowulfFestival
brings electronica to the Quayside
music from the river - music from a suitcase, chill out, ambient techno.
Saturday 5th May, 4pm - 5pm — with Clarissa Vincent in Woodbridge, Suffolk.

Christian Löffler live @ Fontaine de Vaucluse for Cercle

Cercle do wonderful electronic music shows in the most impressive locations. Cercle use drones to film the artists and places in sweeping "National Geographic" quality imagery. Christian Löffler says in the interview in the last ten minutes he has been building this set since 2012, that's nearly 6 years.
I too have built a big set in the last couple of years (around four hours of performance stems to improvise with mixing, effects and synth additions) which evolves month by month as I smooth hard edges and add sparkles and sonics to bring out the parts.
I thought making music was about always bringing out new tracks but at a certain point you stop trying to find it and start learning to work it in all it's dimensions and variations.
I wonder how my live sets will sound in four years. Thank you Christian Löffler and Cercle for the realisation that I am entering a new stage with my music.

2nd Techno Brunch

Live set. girl in a gale. original music. electronic listening music. Techno and brunch - as foretold in ancient Anglo-Saxon texts.
Beowulf Festival weekend. Woodbridge 2018. Part of The Beowulf Festival Woodbridge.

Techno Brunch

A live set at the Ferry Quay Caravan Cafe', techno brunch. Free in. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. Thursday 5th April 2018.
Snacks, breakfasts, lunches, teas and coffee available at The Ferry Quay Caravan Cafe'.

Live electronic listening music, Ipswich, March 22nd

Live sets by girl in a gale and Alastair Wilson.

girl in a gale in the Barber Shop live set

The album Blackcurrant has 7 tracks, the last 4 are in two parts recorded live in The Barber Shop, Quay St, Woodbridge. I put these four live tracks as two longer pieces because I like the transitions.
Spotify playlist.

Sonitus at Old Jet

"Synthposium" is a collection of synth enthusiasts and signed electronic artists, demoing and performing their set-ups and sets, run by Sonitus and hosted at Old Jet Studios, Bentwater, Suffolk, UK. I took my suitcase synths based on two Moog Mother 32's and other devices mounted in a suitcase. The highlight of the day for me was the food, a Moog Daal with salad and a delightful fluffy, bun shaped pitta bread (pitta bread taken to the next level!)

Electronic Listening Music (ELM)

A local barber is quite a character, he's had banjo players, a trio of double bass, guitar and vocals and a solo guitarist, perform gigs in his barber shop on odd afternoons. He asked me to play a set of Electronic Listening Music, which is beats, synths and samples, a melodic, minimalist form of Techno music. Thursday at 15th February 2018 at 2pm till 3pm I shall play a set of girl in a gale music.Quay Street Barbers, Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. This is a run-through of my set of Post-modern barbershop music.

A single oscillator can make hi hats, kicks, snare, bass line, chord pads and melodic thrills.

Moog Mother 32 is a single oscillator mono analogue synthesizer. Mother 32 is a "subtractive" synth which is an oscillator produces a square or triangle wave form which sound like a couple of similar buzzing and aggravating timbres. The magic happens when a filter reduces some of the higher partials, so a buzz turns to a more sensual tone.
The envelope generator is a set of controls to make the beginning, middle and end of the buzz tone slow, sustained, and, like pressing the loud pedal on a piano, sustained. There are numerous other voltage controlled routes for the raw buzz - a filter resonance, which adds feedback into the upper partials (partials are parts of a tone above the fundamental note we hear), filter resonance can extremely emphasise the upper tonalities even to a screaming howl. It's all in the subtle tweaking of these voltage controls.
Another voltage control is a "white noise" maker which on a staccatto note sounds like a percussion instrument, a high-hat. The bass line was easy, with the creamy deep Moog voice at about 2/3 filter, so a little upper growl but essentially a delicious bass tone.
The track "Brent" (I'd seen Brent geese over The River Deben the day I finished the track) used these voltage controls to turn a single square wave buzz into all the instruments merely by subtracting parts of that buzz to leave a synthesis sounding similar to conventional band instruments. And at the same time the synthesized sounds have equal quality, as instruments, as more conventional band instruments.

Sorrdes - Strange Hymns. "Show your Working".

A local electronic music artist sent me a track to add synth to. I was pleased with my contribution and Liam Poole (artist name Sorrdes) was immediately enthusiastic, when someone wants me to collaborate I put in 100% and enjoy creating as much as I do my own music. That was middle of 2017.
The track seemed to disappear until this week when Sorrdes new album release, "Strange Hymns" was announced and the track I added synth to, "Show your Working" is on it.
Sorrdes has distributed to all the usual online music media, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and the album can be heard free or purchased, on Bandcamp.

girl in a gale solo electronica

The past year I have been building a set to play live. I have seven albums on Spotify and my favourite tracks are included in the set. There are several sets, a few hours of performance. Some tracks are no longer required for performance, as I try various styles and my skill develops I drop tracks and focus on those I find the most interesting.
My current learning is how to transition between tracks, rather than getting to the track end, turning off the track, selecting the next and starting it, I have some ways to move between sounds, similar to a dj mixing tracks, but this is all my own music and transitions are a creative opportunity to play between different rhythms and keys.
In January 2018 I made a track called "Icte", for an album I am building called "Blackcurrant". I have also been working in a trio called "Bentwater" which has been a lot of fun, hours of synths, drum machine and electric cello. The results are interesting but also I have slowed down my own "girl in a gale" recording. So here is "Icte", my solo electronic music.

Bentwater - Electronic music trio

My next door neighbours, John Ramirez and Ginny Davies, also play electronic music. Late 2017 we decided to collaborate. It sounded very nice and the studio we played in is on an ex US airbase at Bentwaters in Suffolk, UK. Once we considered the music was a lot of fun we called the trio Bentwater.
Here is the latest improvised piece, from January 14th 2018. I have a personal track naming tactic, to find small, indistinct words which have a bit of charisma. This one is called Jafo, the image on the video appears as if a spaceship has been parked in the clouds and left a mark.

Sunday Vespers - Everyone Lives, girl in a gale.

Everyone Lives - girl in a gale - The River of Life. A houseboat, a suitcase of analogue synthesisers, an invitation to play a set in Second Life, coffee, bright Spring days and making new sounds. The Second Life set became this album, The River of Life. Of course it is The River Deben but also a far wider spiritual metaphor. Here we are, loving life, living life, that's it!

Sunday Vespers - The things that you are Moving.

The things that you are Moving - girl in a gale. Album The River of Life. Voice synthesis with a vocoder makes the vocals a mix of keyboards and voice. The lovely Moog sequenced lead and then the bass comes in with pure voltage, modulated by a touch of low frequency oscillation on the amplitude. I dared to make a track over eight minutes long, maybe it could have been a 20minute track, or if I was a truly daring Artist, a whole hour long album (I'd buy it!)?