Pattern as antidote

Sometimes when taking the dog for a walk I experience the onset of a nervous discomfort, a feeling of being drained of vital energy and as if my legs are ready to collapse beneath me. I put this down to a panic attack, although I am not generally a nervy person. Seeing the ideas in radionics has me wondering; Perhaps I am reacting to unseen objects or situations?
On the site "Holistic distant healing, complimentary medicine system by Nick Franks" there are these natty little metal plates, called SRI - Small Radionic Instrument, embossed with a fine radial design which are meant to be able to heal almost anything just by being near one. Nick Franks promotes the efficacy of the SRI as follows:
"...The SRI is a specially-treated satin-anodised aluminium plate the same size as a credit card. It allows a continuous flow of undifferentiated pranic (life force) energy. This energy can be used with appropriate remedies to give treatment to humans, animals and plants. The SRI can also be used to energise mantras, seals, symbols (such as runes), talisman and other geometric and active diagrams. It may also be used to an extent to provide energy, by either holding it, keeping it next to the body, or using to charge water. Many other uses may be found for the SRI..."
Now this sounds very useful and with a gadgety appeal too.
This is not mere "new-age" clap trap because Radionics has a history, Dr Albert Abrams (1863-1924) - founder of radionics. Abrams discovered that "...the human nervous system may react to the energy field of external elements such as persons with disease conditions, samples of diseased tissue, and so forth...". Nick Franks' SRI somehow harmonizes parts of the person by pattern alone. Pattern as antidote.