Beautiful departures from convention

I stumbled upon a band called The Battles and found such astonishing music it felt like I'd been led into a wormhole and was experiencing another dimension.
Which of course is exactly what it is.
Then I followed the record company,Warp Records, who distribute The Battles and found a whole seam so rich in new music that departs lock stock and barrel from those pesky singer songwriters treading the star maker machinery, etc...
The video to Family Galaxy, by Tim Exile really is astonishing.
I'm off now to sample more of Warp Records, who released two of Vincent Gallo's albums, When and So Sad, beautiful departures from convention.

Tim Exile is my absolute obssession, using polyrhythms in a drum and bass feel, but sort of off planet... Family Galaxy (taken from Listening Tree) has the most astonishing video too...