Listening to BBC Radio Two, I heard the French hit song "Love Me, Please Love Me" by Michel Polnareff,. Recently I got an email about Polnareff -
Dear Miss Vincent,
I found on the web that you are playing with Barry Kingston, famous producer for Southern 'Meridian' in the 60's-70's. I would like to ask him a few questions about his production work for polnareff's - 1970, masterpiece of the French singer Michel ¨Polnareff.
The BARRY KINGSTON TRIO is a thriving combo, playing jazz, blues and soul in East Anglia, UK with the biggest enjoyment of any band I've ever been in. The website has songs to listen to.
Keyboards - Barry Kingston.
Bass guitar and vocals - Gary Wiseman.
Alto saxophone and vocals - Clarissa Vincent.

 Meanwhile, here's a song from Polnareff's -