8. Non Duality

Non duality is an interesting approach. I do not understand it deeply, but I like the song it makes when people try to describe what it is.
This is a musical and visual explanation of non duality and is track 8, the last on the album.

Dragonfly Along Concrete Path expresses my way of life I suppose, or perhaps I just like the words. The path by the river and the busy flock of gulls contrasts with a solitary swan. If I have any sense of what non duality entails, it is in those places, muddy river banks, walking the dog, new things occuring without any effort from me apart from being present; a swan flying past, a strange pole with a silk scarf tied around it that's been there for a couple of years. Things that have no specific meaning apart from that they exist as themselves. Is this what non duality is, just being in the moment?