Sailor home from the sea

 After 20 years of sailing I have sold my last sailing boat. The crown of my sailing years was a 4 1/2 year voyage from Britain to west Africa and back. When I arrived back to Britain I at last had a video camera and this is one of the few videos I made while still on The Voyage of Storm Petrel. When I sold Storm Petrel in spring 2012 I bought a motorcycle, so the adventures continue, but I can stop for a coffee whenever I wish.

There are two books of this voyage:
The Voyage of Storm Petrel. Book One. Britain to Senegal Alone in a Boat.

These links are to the books and Kindles are available in the US and other global Amazon sites.
The Voyage of Storm Petrel. Book Two. Gambia and Europe Alone in a Boat.
Available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon