Sunday Vespers - Bathyscaphe.

Bathyscaphe - r beny. One of the few Modular Synthesists on YouTube of which I love everything he does. These Eurorack (a mounting case and power supply with hundreds of corresponding modules to choose from) modular synths are also known as "Euro-crack" because once you "enter the rabbit hole of Eurorack Modular you will always need a few more modules to access the wonderful sounds they can produce. Eurorack Modular consists of individual units purchased to build a larger system and patched together with cables to route the voltage signals, therefore every Eurorack sounds different, but at a huge financial cost with/modules costing around £200, and you need ten or more to start making anything cohesive, plus the case and power supply alone will set you back £600 minimum. So I relish the Eurorack Modular sounds on YouTube safe in the knowledge that I don't have to spend five thousand pounds to enjoy them.