Sunday Vespers - Khryo sp404sx live set LeMellotron, Paris.

This is a 25 minutes set, Khryo - sp404 live set. LeMellotron is a Parisien crew featuring beat makers in a houseboat on The River Sein or a cafe' in Rue du Beaurepaire. Khryo uses the sampler, Roland sp 404sx, a device which can record audio and manipulate it live with sexy effects. Being able to trigger 120 sounds at any time and dynamically effect individual tracks has made a whole genre of music - instrumental hip hop - hip hop with no rap, based in the groove and glitch of samples. Khryo is a master on this small, functional device, like a dj making a set with dexterity and feel. I bought an sp 404sx in 2016 and explored the realm of "Boom Bap" but never got the sounds this guy does. I love watching the nimble manipulation of samples and beats and I love the sounds.