girl in a gale solo electronica

The past year I have been building a set to play live. I have seven albums on Spotify and my favourite tracks are included in the set. There are several sets, a few hours of performance. Some tracks are no longer required for performance, as I try various styles and my skill develops I drop tracks and focus on those I find the most interesting.
My current learning is how to transition between tracks, rather than getting to the track end, turning off the track, selecting the next and starting it, I have some ways to move between sounds, similar to a dj mixing tracks, but this is all my own music and transitions are a creative opportunity to play between different rhythms and keys.
In January 2018 I made a track called "Icte", for an album I am building called "Blackcurrant". I have also been working in a trio called "Bentwater" which has been a lot of fun, hours of synths, drum machine and electric cello. The results are interesting but also I have slowed down my own "girl in a gale" recording. So here is "Icte", my solo electronic music.