Christian Löffler live @ Fontaine de Vaucluse for Cercle

Cercle do wonderful electronic music shows in the most impressive locations. Cercle use drones to film the artists and places in sweeping "National Geographic" quality imagery. Christian Löffler says in the interview in the last ten minutes he has been building this set since 2012, that's nearly 6 years.
I too have built a big set in the last couple of years (around four hours of performance stems to improvise with mixing, effects and synth additions) which evolves month by month as I smooth hard edges and add sparkles and sonics to bring out the parts.
I thought making music was about always bringing out new tracks but at a certain point you stop trying to find it and start learning to work it in all it's dimensions and variations.
I wonder how my live sets will sound in four years. Thank you Christian Löffler and Cercle for the realisation that I am entering a new stage with my music.