Podcast - Going through older tracks, playing them completely differently.

Podcasts have interested me, a chance to listen while cooking or doing the washing-up, or driving, without the need to look at a screen. My tired eyes from years of Facebook browsing need a rest.
A local musician Talvin Singh makes regular Mixcloud podcasts which I enjoy, so I tried one of my own - an hour of live comments on my workflow and equipment between chillout ambient techno and breakbeats.
I had to Google "Breakbeats" because I thought it meant some kind of Trap or Drum&Bass genre but it means 4/4 beats but with distinct variations from the established electronic dance music four-on-the-floor kick. There is the term "broken beats" too where the drums are unquantised to the grid, it is consistently rhythmical but discrete beats are offset - pushed and pulled - to give a more creative edge to the beat.
In this first Podcast my voice is recorded too quietly and I shall endeavour to correct this in the next one. What I find compelling about these hour live sets is they are not an "album" or a live performance, they are a recording of a musician at work.
Because the music is played live there are inconsistencies - a loud surge of bass; a sudden cut of a keyboard riff; drums abruptly stopping. These error messages within the set make it human. Too much electronic music is overly-perfect, having been processed within a multi-track DAW (Digital Audio Workstation): all errors ironed out in a computer.
I am working towards Podcasts, you can listen to this podcast on Mixcloud, link below, or click this post title which will enable you to download the podcast. Next I will learn how to do RSS feeds and distribute my podcasts to the directories. Step by step.