Sublove Alldayer girl in a gale set on the Ushti Kushti stage

Finally a few days before the event, I have a set time for Sublove all dayer. 2pm on the Ushti Kushti stage. Dogs are allowed on site, great, Hamish is my sideman, for jazz and techno.
We're not camping as Beccles is only 40 minutes drive away and we prefer to be home in time for tea, usually a delicious red lentil daal and a glass of red wine, what could be better?
That's Saturday 16th June. 
On Sunday there is Woodbridge Regatta and a psychedelic folk band, Artwork, are booked to play in the afternoon at Ferry Quay Caravan Cafe'. I am doing a Techno Brunch from 11am till noon and just working out whether to use Artwork's P.A. and gazebo. No-one yet knows whether things have been organised to this level - like is there a power supply, P.A. and gazebo? Basic elements of doing a performance. Of course no mention of being paid, I suppose I'll be offered a "free" hog roast, great, success at last! (unless I'm feelin' the veggy techno vibes strong that day!)
But hey, I'll almost certainly get a cup of coffee, and this is being a musician. It'll look good on Facebook so that's worth a thousand pounds? :-)
My new album, BEOWULF came out last Friday. Track 6, Sun Mor, is a delicious dive into Ambient music, recorded at 11am one calm warm Sunday morning, a harmonic drone with Moog parts surging in and then a soft powerful bass arriving to propel it forward. 
Track 9, Tefi, is the last one and points toward a new Techno confidence. Mainly an 808 type beat with minimal harmonic content entering as a nod to my Ambient Techno basis.
Maybe my next tracks will be deeper into the Techno exploration, more rhythm based, even a 15 minute drum machine piece with no chord structure, just the meter and swing of a drum machine, and the confidence to perform that alone.
Tracks mentioned here can be listened to on my Bandcamp at the links below: Sun Mor
and Tefi
Or search for "girl in a gale Beowulf" on Spotify, Apple Music etc