Three friends - Album release. Sublove Festival. And girl in a gale set at DJ David Freeland's Street Food event at The Table Restaurant Woodbridge.

DJ David Freeland
DJ David Freeland puts on shows with cool music and guest artists in a cool food place, The Table restaurant in Woodbridge is that. David asked me to play a live set.

Introspective Sounds are a production company doing events of varied electronic music genres and asked me to do a set at SubLove near Beccles in a couple of weeks in The Chill Out Zone.

On Friday 8th of June 2018 my BEOWULF album is released. It was a result of the cultural event in Woodbridge, The Spirit of Beowulf Festival created by Jan Pulsford and Clare Victoria Perkins (Woodbridge Mayor) to celebrate the famous Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon treasures.

Two pieces are directly related to The Spirit of Beowulf: Track 3 - The Whale Road, is a concept track about the sea voyage of Anglo-Saxon immigrants sailing from Denmark to Britain - sounds of sails flapping, shingle beaches and whales: and, Safewater - the feeling of gaining safety after a voyage, arriving at a foreign shore, including synthesized Anglo-Saxon speech.

The rest of the music on BEOWULF is pure girl in a gale ambient techno, one track #6, Sun Mor was recorded at 10am on a Sunday morning and has a delicious calm timbre - that peace you feel as you anticipate the first strong espresso coffee of the day.
And track number 7, Sun Lun, is a bit more active, Sunday lunchtime when the espresso has kicked in.
BEOWULF, over an hour long, is a representation of my musical story in Spring 2018, available on Apple Music, Google Music, Spotify and the rest from Friday 8th June 2018.

The Table, Woodbridge, outdoor music and indoor cosy quality dining ambience.

girl in a gale set in the chill out zone.

album release Friday 8th June 2018