Intentional error.

In Springbroke (girl in a gale - Beowulf album) I played slightly haphazard phrases on an electric piano as a way to bring some tension to the piece. My music is not about total control; It is made in an instance of expression and energy complete with intentional and allowed errors.
I dislike music with phrases and motifs rendered too precisely. That is boring. More about a pretentious mastery of the instrument than an ability to play with timbres and feeling.
If music is essentially a dynamic consisting of tension and resolution, then to create tension and resolution too precisely is to actually not understand music, to create false tension, and to be unable to explore the power of "wrong" articulation.
I am lucky because I have played saxophone in drunken jazz bands for decades which gives me a sense of the carefree and the happy-go-lucky.
Music is similar to cooking, after decades doing it you get to know a lot of things that just work. And there is no need to follow recipes, gram by gram, there is only inspiration.
Listen to Springbroke to hear my ideas.