Not so much planning as passion, for lentils.

I go through weeks where my music is disorganised. I'm trying different routings, different instruments and sounds and gigging in other bands than my own thing. At some point I reset things to the point where I was last most creative, and then spend days perfecting sounds and focusing into making new tracks for me.
I have a new album, Lenticular, just started with a track finished today. It has no cover, just one track - All your troubles Vanish - which I really like, the Moog sequenced by Novation Circuit is so dynamic.
I am intentionally working at 124bpm, as a process after listing my favourite electronic music tracks of this year - those that influence me most - and averaging the tempo to 124bpm.
It is somewhere between House and Techno music. More a chillout ambient groove with a 4 on the floor kick drum. Neither disco nor hard techno. OK let's call it Electronic Listening Music.
The other quality of Electronic Listening Music is it is best listened to at a lower volume than clubs and festivals generally have. And I don't clown around onstage like those Electronic Dance Music dudes ate Tomorrowland Festivals. When I play live I am producing album quality music.
Here is All you troubles Vanish, the first of a set of 124bpm tracks building to my next album. And the first full version will be an hour long Mixcloud set without separate tracks.