My father's book

'A Tanner Will Do' An evocation of village life in the nineteen thirties and forties.
Rodney Vincent's book about village life before, during and after WW II centres on Wood Ditton but could be about almost any small rural East Anglian village at the time.
This is no dry collection of historical facts but an account, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, of what life was really like in those times, seen through the eyes of a schoolboy.
Since the book was first published it has been through 6 updates and has sold some 700 copies.

The book (ISBN 0 9531264 0 4) is available from Tindalls Booksellers, High Street Newmarket, price £10.95, or by post direct from the author.
Ellwood Soham Road Stuntney Ely Cambs CB7 5TL
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