Funky day van hire

I saw this hired day van parked in Woodbridge. A young couple were just getting out and told me they were up from London, in Suffolk for the weekend and the van was really nice and yes, quite expensive, but worth it.

I like the divergent thinking of spray painting as a business approach. It validates graffiti artists and people who are just tired of glossy corporate slickness everywhere.

I agree, this is another way to exploit a young market, but it carries a message of openess to creativity and unconventionality. This is a healthy approach.

I have not looked up the way this company is run, the ethical approach, the green credentials. To me, just taking a different approach is interesting in itself. have succeeded in getting me to place free advertising for them, now that's business acumen. The truth is I'm enjoying advertising what they have to sell; it gives me pleasure to do it.