3Mobile service just fell off a cliff

On Wednesday 13 April, now seven days ago, both my mobile phone and broadband dongle lost a signal. After a couple of days I submitted a report to the 3Mobile website, and the following day a more strongly stated complaint. The only reply was they had recieved my complaint and would try to get back to me within ten days. What annoys me is another 3Mobile customer telephoned 3Mobile (on a Vodaphone mobile) and was then contacted daily by 3Mobile with updates to the problem. They told him the network was being upgraded and would be 'intermittent' until 28 April. I have talked to six othe 3Mobile customers in Woodbridge who all have the same absolute lack of signal.
Presuming I get my broadband and mobile service back by 28 April that will be a total absence of service for a 16 day period.
After two years good service with 3Mobile I face this situation and I can say I'm looking very seriously at other providers. I'm not looking forward to getting back my mobile signal and telephoning support because I know they will be all apologetic and it's not apologies I need, it is the network services I have paid for.
3Mobile = Rubbish service.

Update 27 April:
3 Mobile service came back a few days ago and has been a little better than it was prior to the outage. So that was seven full days with no service followed by a small improvement. My niggle is that I was not informed of the reason for the outage and other 3 Mobile users in the area were given various spurious reasons for their problems, including a whole going through of the mobile dongle to try to make it work. So apparently 3 mobile did not know they were upgrading the system which for a large company seems foolishly in error.
If the service continues in its improved form I will quickly become a satisfied customer again, but I have certainly seen the incompetent side of 3 Mobile and this will feed into any future purchasing decisions.