Tourism in Afghanistan's poor and peaceful Wakhan Corridor

I am inspired and enlightened by a thread on a motorcycle adventure forum. Three Polish bikers went to the Wakhan Corridor, a strip of Afghanistan extending between Tajikistan to the north and Pakistan to the south. The land is a river valley between the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram mountain ranges. Aerial picture of the Wakhan Corridor.
The stilted narrative (Polish speakers with fair English) is actually very intense and leaves much space for the remarkable photographs. It begins like many adventures; on the road, cafes tea houses and border encounters, then captures the reader with such raw landscape and intense portraits of local people, particularly children. I am enlightened by the learning about this region with enough historical information to inform the narrative without it being in the form of an edited published book.
I highly and avidly recommend a good look through this travelogue. I personally enjoyed this because a deceased Pakistani friend used to dream of retiring from his work in Peterborough Employment Office and buying a small cottage in northern Pakistan. Now I see what Riaz's dreams were based on.
I link to a point well into the narrative (page 16 of 54) but once you are engaged you may wish to go to page one and spend three or four hours in enlightened wonder as I did last night.
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