Houseboat in a gale

11.30pm Get back to boat after gig in stately home. Heavy wind and rain
12am Tide comes with waves buffeting boat. Violent rocking, but manage to get in bed and sleep.
2am Rope breaks.
2.15am Gangway drops in river.
3am Replaced rope, but unable to rescue gangway or pull boat back into place. Soaked and cold.
3.30am Tide leaves boat out of position. Boat settles out of it's hole, lays sideways into hole at 30 degree heel.
3.30am Everything inside boat on right side, including sleeping dog and I, slides in slow motion onto cabin floor.
4am Unable to move around inside boat without climbing along the sides, which is the new 'down', treading on possessions which have fallen in a heap. Leaks from wind blown rain make cabin doubly intolerable. Head pounding with stress.
6am Managed a few hours sleep by wedging mattress but new leak onto pillow wakes me. Dog shivering with stress.
9am Get dog off boat, she's still on heat and runs away, go off to find her. See trees in river and other boats broken free of moorings and damaged.
11am Boat nieghbour sits me and dog down in theirupright boat in front of coal stove with food and coffee.
2pm Tide returns. Boat now upright again. Gangplank repositioned and boat pulled back into position with new ropes.
4pm Tidied up mess in cabin and boat sits down level as tide leaves. Finally killed my headache with a lemsip.
6pm Drying out wet stuff and just about back to normal.