Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Ownership

I haven't ridden a m/c for 20 years but over the last six months have made the decision to buy one and obtain my full motorcycle driving licence. An open face helmet and goggles were given to me by a neighbour, I purchased gloves and leather jacket from the local charity shops, and a rucksack to carry the dog on the tank in front of me, from an online fishing supplies seller in Glasgow (the rucksack is waterproof, has a hard base and is wide and deep enough to comfortably accommodate my 9kg cairn terrier, Loba).
Just need the motorcycle. What an adventure, hour upon hour reading reviews and tests, visits to m/c shops, talks with friends who own bikes and practising the tests for a full m/c driving licence upgrade. Apart from the practical matters there are other peaks of delight in getting completely immersed in a new life direction, such as this photograph of a Honda custom machine with a rider/model of striking visual togetherness with the overall image.

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