Women motorcyclists

Copyright will be respected as soon as I can find out the owner of this image. I love the fashion of this picture, it sends a strong mesage about how the limitations of femininity are only in the mind. The woman is younger than I would expect to be riding a motorcycle that is not a scooter and this is how the photograph really works, by showing how the unexpected can be so appealling. I expect the woman is a model and the motorcycle is not hers, but I would love to find out it is her own bike. If advertising breaks conventions and expands the potential of individual choice beyond 'normal' gender stereotypes then advertising becomes a very exciting part of culture.

Copyright will be respected as soon as I can find out the owner of this image. This woman built her BMW R90 from scrap parts. She chose a unique colour scheme that shouts with joy, "Femininity is not a weak or passive attribute!"

42-15856212 Corbis Photos Royalty Free Photograph This photograph stands out as looking so cool and relaxed. I sent it to my niece Camilla who looks quite a lot like the woman in this photo, as a way to encourage her to see herself in an unusual life style, and how that works in such an exciting way. A big bike and a 'little' woman? Well big bikes are bigger than small bikes but bikes in general are designed to fit the average rider, so as long as the proper riding techniques are learned, a bike bike rider does not have to be a huge muscle bound man.
30 years ago Elspeth Beard rode around the world on a large BMW motorcycle. She is now an architect.