Family Motorcycling

My new motorcycle is stored until I have obtained my driving licence, but dad can't keep off it. He rode BMW bikes years ago, now at 85 years old dad has settled down with a 125cc scooter, but he is obviously experiencing a resurgence of enthusiasm and is now talking about getting an R65 too.
Here is dad making the most of my BMW R65 currently stored in my parents' garage out of my grasp.
Dad at 85, leather jacket, on my BMW R65 in 2012

Dad emailed me tonight to say he is now watching a BMW R65 on Ebay.  How cool is that!
Below are pictures of my mum and dad.

BMW R80RT my dad in 1992
 Dad writes:
The Francis Barnett Cruiser, 225 cc was the bike that took us over the Alps to the south of France Switzerland and Italy. It was a good little two-stroke capable of cruising at 50 mph on a good day. You will remember the BMW R80RT which was our second BM, the first being a BMW 100/7.
Well, yes dad, I remember yout BMW 100/7, a 1000cc super bike of the time. You and mum went on holiday. I was 17 years old. I took that bike out, rode from Folksworth to Denton, then joined the A1 motorway where I gently opened it up but was surprised how the bike just gradually accelerated instead of roaring away. I drove past Stilton to Norman's Cross roundabout and back to Folksworth and parked your bike, hoping you wouldn't notice the four miles I'd put on the clock.
I only saw four or five cars on the A1 motorway, nowadays there would be forty or fifty cars.  

Mum and dad with Francis Barnett Cruiser, 225 cc

Mum in France on Francis Barnett Cruiser, 225 cc

Dad repairing a puncture in the Alps, before I was born.