Solo adventure motorcycling

This solo traveling is pretty awesome. I still prefer company but there are moments when riding solo that are, for lack of a better word, calming. Meandering down roads that you couldn't imagine doing without your bike, singing in your helmet with the music in your headphones and hoping nobody hears you over the engine..and sometimes not caring if they do. Finding beautiful views and taking the time to take it all in. Think up the most clever ideas and personal philosophies that you promise yourself you'll never forget and are promptly out of your mind for good as you lean the bike into the next turn.
The above quote captures my heart. Quote from a ride report by 'Outside' on advrider - adventure motrorcycling forum.  Click this link to read the full ride report and view more images
Solo rider 'Outside' at Cap Breton

Cap Breton and a Yamaha 225cc loaded with solo camping gear - perfect.

After all the awesome scenery what's better than a roadside cafe meal.
 'Outside' travelled solo on a Yamaha 225cc dual sport bike to Cap Breton. 'Outside' is the user name of the biker in the advrider forum - a very large collection of global travelling motorcyclists with high quality travel photography and vivid narratives.
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