So wrong it's right

The Shaggs, a female rock trio who manage to do what most, nearly all, other bands don't - The Shaggs make you feel free! And I back up this claim by referring to the comments on  videos of The Shaggs on You Tube, which show a crackling undecidedness, no more like a pure duality of opinion, That The Shaggs are both appallingly incompetent but also frighteningly brilliant
The main sway of opinion shows as The Shaggs manage to play music which is so devoid of any of the trappings of wanna-be pop stars (Hey man! Why don't you check out our new album on iTunes blah, blah, blah) that The Shaggs touch a part of the listener which has recoiled into it's shell in fear of hearing any more of said crass pop culture. As this retired little ear worm senses the illogical beats and out of tune vocals and limp guitar solos of The Shaggs, it awakens and comes out to play, like a hedgehog out of hibernation after a long hard winter.
The Shaggs get closer to what music is than any:

Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy, . . . The Shaggs!