A nice pair of BMW R65s

As soon as I'd bought my R65 my father was on Ebay looking for one for himself. He bought a red 1981 model with panniers and had it delivered from the Scottish border, to Ely, Cambs this week. Here is a picture of the two in my Dad's garage, what a nice pair.
A nice pair of BMW R65
Mine's the blue one, 1983. Dad's is the red one, 1981. In the background is Dad's retirement scooter, a 125cc, which he has suddenly lost interest in since buying his airhead.
Mine came with a fairly large windscreen but no carrier rack. Dad's came with a carrier rack and panniers. Not sure if I want the clutter of a rack and panniers, or if it is worth fitting the windscreen. These bikes look nice just as they are.