Honda CD 175

My first bike was a Honda CD175. It was metallic green when I bought it. I paid £45 in 1979.
My Honda CD175 Metallic green (1979)

When I see these photographs after 33 years, they look such a lovely bike which I would cherish now. I remember treating my CD175 with utter confidence, knowing it would never go wrong and I never crashed it, even though I used to throw it around, overtaking buses on the outside at 50mph, going around the big junctions of the parkways surrounding Peterborough.
My sister Jo also had an original red Honda CD 175.
Jo on her Honda CD175 red (1978)

She got hers a year before I got mine and she took me home one night after I'd crashed my Puch moped into the back of a parked Mercedes. I had just left friends about 1am. My helmet visor was scratched, throwing starry reflections into my sight. There were orange street lights and I ploughed into the back of the parked car at 30mph. Just a few cuts on my legs. Jo arrived soon after as she was catching me up to ride home together. The police breathalysed me with a negative result, I'd had a couple of drinks earlier in the evening. It was the typical accident occurring within 2 minutes of setting out.