My R65 - how it COULD look

Motorcycle custom builds are spectacular. A BMW R65 from 1983 in original form is a nice bike, but a 1983 custom R65 struck me as working in every way.
Image Copyright Pipeburn Motorcycles

The original R65 is beautiful in a 'real bike' sense and I'll save my pennies for standard maintenance rather than the spectacular effects of a customisation. Of course the quality of photography at businesses such as Pipeburn Motorcycles is artistic in the extreme. I know that if my R65 was photographed in the same way as the R65 custom it too would look spectacular.
Image Copyright Pipeburn Motorcycles

That's a large part of the custom world - the image and the representation. The R65 custom is owned by Pierre Geromboux who worked with Andrew from Ramspeed to build it
The amount of money spent on customs is huge. Anyway I like the original R65 plenty enough and I'm fairly certain my smile would not necessarily be bigger with a custom R65:
Image Copyright Rod Vincent

The cafe racer R65 is from Pipeburn Motorcycles website