Google rioting in profusion

Google offers manifold websites and content platforms. Google offers revenue creation tools in Adsense and monetising of YouTube videos. I have dozens of Google products - blogs, YouTube, Google+, Google Checkout, Google Maps and Earth and Street View etc. Google is forever offering more fun and productivity. But half of it is utterly bewidering. I just converted my Blogger profile to a Google+ Profile, which simply means my blog readers will see my Google+ profile instead of the one unique to my blogging. The advantage? Well, now my blog posts can be sent straight to my Google+ and my blog posts can be +1'd straight from my blogs.
So, it's all about making it easier for other people to 'Like' me and what I produce. Fair enough, but isn't it all a big sprawling roundabout of mostly pointless connections? I mean if I make a music video on YouTube wouldn't it be nicer just to let it be seen by YouTube users without relentlessly self referencing my stuff across the whole gamut of Google products, like some frantic Internet wanabee celebrity?
Google products have come and gone, there was Google Wave, which I attempted to use as a shared editing forum for a book I was self publishing. Then Wave was discontinued, so all the profile set up, connecting with editors, placing chapters into Wave and gaining knowledge how to edit and update the Wave, was wasted.
Google Docs has become Google Drive, OK no problem, it is an updated continuation, but still there is this interminable flux, which gives the impression of shifting sands, of perpetual beta testing and of the users of Google products being a huge test bed for Google domination strategies in a changing Internet.
The latest attempt I've done at conforming to the Google metropolis is to have 'validated'my blog - www.seagreenribbons.blogspot as owned by me, in order that it can be connected with my Google+ profile as my main website. But there is no explanation as to what to do when the validation process fails. Can't Google see that my blog is me as much as my Google+ presence?
So now I'm looking for a subtle way to paste a small piece of validation code into a part of my blog that will be identifiable by Google central and yet not publicly visible because it is simply an irellavant snippet of Google process rather than a piece of entertaining writing or music that I wish to be seen on my site.
This is what I'm getting bored with - the time taken up with clicking around the Google metropolis attempting to make it all work together for me. I have realised my life has very little time to sit and ponder what it is that I am, what I want, what I have been. That seemingly boring space where the dog comes out of grumpy sleep to see what's going on, to ask are we going for a walk. That valuable point in life where you sit and look at the day passing and appreciate it's all slipping by at a rate so quick, it's unbelievable. Instead, I spend all these hours each day providing content for Google Inc.
So. I'm off to take the dog for a walk and have a look at the night sky, to get a glimpse of a part of the world not stamped by the Google logo...