Blogging as genre

One of my favourite aspects of blogging is how an image and text can be placed in close association and the picture subtly informs the text. Perhaps my train of thought about those who blog and those who do not was in my mind as I took the path along the river.
Perhaps the act of stopping on the path with my smart phone camera in 'panorama' mode, was a playful moment of production in the process of blogging. I was not taking a picture to remember the scene, I was playing with the scene, framing it in a new way, expressing the pleasure that blogging, taking digital photographs and exploring amusing viewpoints that blogging requires.
There are distinct attitudes towards blogging - those that embrace it and are already doing it, in their various ways - political commentaries in a journalistic style; displaying art work or fashion interests; sailing or motorcycle travelogues. And those that really don't get it. Some people can't the time for that sort of thing and are not interested in writing about themselves in a public forum. Many people do not have the technical knowledge, or more likely the interest, in blogging.

Blogging is an attitude towards Internet communication, it opens topics to public levels. Blogs are distinct from private emails and social media status updates. There is the difference. Facebook, Google+ and other mass social sites are designed to suck up trivia from people's daily experience to perpetuate a miasma of egotism and Blogging is a writing genre which can bore and intimidate those who are content with Facebook.

As an opposite view I include a poster by Australia Post beautifully promoting the letter as a valid medium for communication. (Image copyright Australia Post)