As soon as I'd built the houseboat cabin I constructed my desk, 6' long, amply deep but slightly too high.
Previously I lived aboard a late 1960's sailing boat, cramped inside like a very small van, but a witch to windward. The houseboat I now live on has a proper liveaboard shed built on top after I removed part of the decks and a bulkhead which divided up the space inside.
My desk is a control centre where I work for hours each day. It is cluttered and scruffy, but I know exactly where everything is. I also know where the rain leaks hit, so there are a couple of bowls to catch water. It's all part of living on a boat to have a few rain drips, keeps you on your toes, keeps you in contact with the weather outside and I never get the feeling that I am unaware of what's happening outside. The tide rises and falls twice a day and I hear the gang plank creaking. On stormy nights with a high tide the hanging coats swing violently to and fro.
I salvaged an old computer chair from the rubbish bin, took it to try it out, really just to see if a full size chair would take up too much space and whether it would be long term comfortable. That was a year ago and I'm sitting on it as I write. The big improvement came after I bought a piece of sheepskin to sit on and now I can do 10 hours sitting at my desk without the baboon bum effect.
The ribbed tubing going up centre of picture is the chimney of my solid fuel stove. That is next to my chair where I can benefit from the warmth and keep an ear on the state it's in. A wood fire is a living thing, sometimes they roar and need shutting down, other times they go silent for a whole day but put out as much heat as a five bar radiator.
I built my desk high up thinking I'd be sitting at it on a tall stool, because tall stools have a small footprint, but a stool is not practical for long periods. The computer chair is ideal and cost me just a piece of sheepskin, which was a cheap bit, £12 from the local leather shop.
I will get another piece of sheepskin for the dog's bed as she definitely responded to the real skin scent, but this is my sheepskin and she needs her own, which will get covered in her black hair.