Dogs aloud!

Many proprietors believe there are Health & Safety laws against allowing dogs into their cafe's. There are not. There are guidelines pointing out the necessity of scrupulous cleaning where food is prepared and served, but no ban on dogs in food environments.
Costa Coffee in Woodbridge does not allow dogs inside, whereas The Crown Hotel does. So I go and enjoy the quiet comfort inside The Crown Hotel during the cold winter months. Costa Coffee are losing a significant number of sales from their decision.
Costa Coffee have a loyalty card, they email me my points and special promotions. I got an email saying "We haven't seen you at Costa for a while, but why not make 2013 more rewarding in every sense. Below is your latest points balance and what you can buy or save towards. We hope to see you soon."
So I wrote back explaining my absence.


I enjoy Costa Coffee throughout the summer when I can savour a latte on the terrace in the sun. It is now winter and due to Costa Coffee choice to not allow dogs inside, I have not enjoyed a latte since September. I am not complaining because I understand the choice to avoid the extra layer of complications inherent to having dogs in a cafe. However there is no law against it and the decision is made purely to keep the majority of non-dog owner customers content. However this single factor in Costa Coffee's business choices is the reason I have not been spending my money in Costas.
During the summer of 2012 I spent approximately £400 in Costa Coffee, Woodbridge. This trend would continue throughout the winter but my little, well behaved dog, 'Loba' is excluded from the cafe.
Thank you for listening and I look forwards to the spring weather when I shall be back on Costa's terrace enjoying the relaxing ambience and good coffee again.
Clarissa Vincent

Loba is with me 24/7
Ban my dog for arbitrary reasons, but do not expect me to continue to spend money with you if you do.
I find children running around, falling over, knocking drinks over, and screaming in a cafe, highly disturbing, but they are not banned. All the pubs, hotels and cafe's I have been in with dogs present have been far quieter and relaxed than a typical Costas Coffee with a throng of young children present.