Will you come and help us sail our boat home?

When you have a reputation as a sailor, friends who get caught up in the romance of sea travel ask you to help them bring their new boats home. I used to accept these invitations and this video shows it's really fun, but nowadays I'm a cynical old ex-sailor and I just say no!
The last time I helped a friend deliver his boat was in the month of February and it was freezing cold. When we went out to sea over the River Deben bar the waves were quite frightening, sploshing over the cockpit and soaking us. I had my little dog with me of course and she was really frightened, so much so she quaked and shivered for two hours. I tried to wrap her inside my multiple layers of fleeces and coats, but she was not suffering cold, it was the sheer unpleasant winter seascape that freaked her out. So I said never again!
This trip in the video was a different kettle of fish, lovely weather, and happy people, frying up kippers, just enjoying the newness of the experience. They were lucky to be treated to the best the sea has to offer, smooth waves and a gentle sailing breeze. There's nothing like it when it's good, but I've seen both sides and I don't want it any more.