Musical Boxes

The Barry Kingston Quartet played at The Bank in Eye.

During the sound check, Garry the bass player and the drummer did a groovy improvisation.

We played a reasonable set, a little stilted maybe, too locked into the musical boxes of 'Jazz'.

Then I played with Steven Lay, a completely different style, strong major guitar chords with open voicings. And Steven's formidable vocals.

Garry exclaimed afterwards , 'Clarissa, why don't you play such lyrical beautiful sax with the quartet as you just did with Steven Lay!?'

I told him how I respond to the music, how some music restricts me or frees me up. Jazz as we do it is in boxes that lock you into a style.

And I asked, 'Garry, why don't you play so slinky and cool with the quartet as you did in the sound check!?'


Photo of Steven Lay, guitar and vocal. Clarissa Vincent, saxophone (The Vapes) and Richard Arundel guesting on double bass at The Bank, Eye.