H2 Atomiser Starter Kit

I've stopped smoking for nearly two years now, with e cigs.

I began with 'cigalikes' which light up as you draw but look like a cigarette. Then I progressed to bigger batteries and better flavours, with the Ego type shish pens.

This year I've gone further into the hobby, for that's what it's become, by using a 'mechanical mod' and a 'rebuildable atomiser'. This ultimate machine, with the enigmatic names of  'Nemesis' and 'Kayfun Lite', is big and heavy, with threaded brass tubes holding the rechargeable battery and a stainless-steel tank and coil/wick housing. It's a thing of functional beauty and steampunk.

However, most vapers, e cig users to the uninitiated, are content with the shish pen type of devices. They are lighter, less temperamental and more socially acceptable (mech mods with rebuildable atomisers can produce thick clouds of vapour).

When a friend asked me to review a shish pen for a Cambridgeshire supplier, Bacconist, I thought I'd put my knowledge of e cigs to good use.

I was sent the H2 Atomiser Starter Kit free and my comments are entirely based on my subjective experience.

I like the H2 Atomiser kit and rate it 9/10 compared to similar Ego type shish pens I've used.

Details of the supplier are in the You Tube video description.
H2 Atomiser Starter Kit Review: