Notes and pads and drum patterns - imagining the future of electronic music.

I have an album in review by my distributor, I imagine the audio quality and cover image resolution is just fine, and I love the music. So I predict within a day or two it will be approved for the global digital markets.
"Beowulf" is the album title, inspired by my contributions to The Spirit of Beowulf Festival, Woodbridge, Suffolk at the beginning of May 2018, produced by Jan Pulsford and Clare Victoria Perkins. My contributions were a Techno Brunch at Ferry Quay Caravan Cafe'; and an hour live synth/drum machine set by the Woodbridge Tide Mill - a part of a wider public event which turned out, partly due to delightfully warm weather, very well.
Because I am an unknown musician with just one or two Spotify streams daily I have an advantage - I can do what the heck I want. If I wish to make a new album using just a drum machine, I can, because it won't threaten my listeners numbers. If I wish to make an hour set of Moog drones with subtle harmonic resonances, I can, because it won't threaten my fan base. And I haven't got a record contract with executives saying, "We'd like you to make some more music like that track "Brent", because that is gaining more interest than your other tracks".
NO - I'm free to be the musician I am.
I love Brent, but I continue to have a world of music to explore. And Brent was made with that very same freedom of expression. So that's where the good stuff is, not in "Success", but in the musical journey, why do I kind of want some success anyway? When "Success" would pin me down to a particular formula?
 I don't. Thank you.
Meanwhile I shall continue the journey in notes and pads and drum patterns. And in fifty years who knows what electronic music will be like!

If you wish to listen to Brent on YouTube here it is.