Turning down an "opportunity"?

A DJ, who I play saxophone with locally, invited me to a weekend Electronic Music festival in mid-France, to blow along with his House music set. We played together last night in my hometown and it was awesome, but ...
Wow, through the tunnel, so many people to meet, contacts to exchange... but ... .  The logistics are costly. 500 miles from where I live. Camping for the weekend (I hate camping and don't own a tent). Need to put my soulmate dog in kennels for five days. Only a "fascinator" saxophonist with no chance of doing my own ambient techno set. Budget offered would cover about a 1/4 of total costs and as I mentioned there is no opportunity for me to play my own live ambient techno set, so I decided to decline.
Last night's dj/sax gig was excellent, I used a looper, fx pedal and the loops sounded really good. It was almost my own electronic music gig, right or wrong, it turned into a set of funky house electronica, transcending the average Saturday night House set. The tools at my hands - saxophone through looper, delay, reverb and harmoniser put me into producer/remixer mode and the set was fabulous - and fabulous costs more than a few Euros for travel expenses (a quarter of actual costs).