Four busy days as a self-employed musician

I played saxophone in a jazz quartet Thursday eve: gave a saxophone lesson on Friday: and, played techno at two festivals on Saturday and Sunday.
In the meantime I was recruited by a Celtic folk-fusion/ceilidh band to do electronic drums - an unexpected musical direction. I went through a folk period in the 80s so I have a feeling for the rhythms and tunes, I wouldn't play in a band which didn't interest me musically and playing live with a drum machine is fun. It is like being a train driver, follow the railway lines and speed restrictions but make it a quality journey. I find a 4-on-the-floor 808 kick and clap on beats 2 and 4 adds the best meter to the fiddle and guitar. Next rehearsal will include the bassist, a strong player, so I have to design my 808 kicks to work without low frequency conflicts by reducing the decay and resonance.
Every situation is a creative adventure, an opportunity.
The Techno Brunch I played today was excellent, through Aartwork's PA (the Celtic folk-fusion/ceilidh band), not too heavy and loud, actual Electronic Listening Music.
Yesterday I played through a massive PA system with subs (bass speakers) as big as cars, and found my ambient techno to be too loud and bass heavy because I perform with the ear of a producer, listening for nuances, balancing sounds and dynamics. I cannot do that if everything is so loud only a rave audience would get it.

June 2018, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - 76 miles driven, 13 hours worked (plus weeks of practice and preparation), £70 earned. And valuable experience, promotion and contacts gained. Busy days in the actual music business.

And who was with me throughout? My terrier Hamish, adopted 4 years ago. He comes to 99% of my performances. Here is a photo of day 1 with Hamish in 2014.