He sampled my track, I made a new track with his sample of my track and now he wants to release his sample.

A Sydney based hip hop/beat tape producer, Y 2 D, sampled my track The Messenger (album - "The Messenger" click link to hear the album from 2011) and sent me the beat. I really liked it so made a new track (titled "msg rcvd" click link to listen) using Y 2 D's beat as a middle section. In 2016 "msg rcvd" ended up on my album "Jetsam" (click link to listen to the whole album) and was published and copyrighted to me.
I got a message today from Y 2 D saying he tried to release his sample on a beat tape but his distributors detected my copyright and it was rejected.
So I contacted my distributor to ask for Y 2 D to be added to my track as a co-producer and this will enable co-copyright ownership and also I'll be credited on Y 2 D's work.
Samples are a minefield, I use only a few nowadays but if I do I apply synthesis and effects so they are not picked up by the computer algorithms as someone else's copyright.
The Messenger is a very odd album, I released it only on Bandcamp because I felt it only represented my earliest stage of making recorded music and was not good enough for Spotify and Apple Music etc, but listening again with this current activity around one of the tracks I hear an odd album but one full of naive imagination and originality, some beautiful saxophone and electric guitar loops.

The Messenger cover, released in 2011