Su loves Hamish. He is with me all the time while making my music. I made a track called TooSu

Track titles are fairly arbitrary but always grounded in the time and location of the music's creation. My dog Hamish lays his head on my feet while I'm playing my synths and drum machine. Dogs sleep around 14 hours a day: producers produce about the same.
My friend Su is that friend who often responds instantly to a suggestion for a nice river or heath walk.
My new album "techno brunch #4 live set" is five tracks of live ambient techno, 48 minutes of improvised electronic listening music. Track 5, previously unreleased, is "TooSu" (click link to listen): a nod of appreciation to my friend who also loves Hamish and the places he takes us.
Such things are important in life: My dog laying on my bare feet, fresh espresso coffee brewing while I'm producing in the Summer, and on my walking boots in the Winter, and that friend Su, who loves Hamish almost as much as I do.
Where does music come from? Simply the dog on my feet, that feeling of animal magnetism, and that friend who loves going for walks and the feeling of being in nature.