Take me to your Ledr.

Techno Brunch #4 live set, has the tracks I played on Ferry Quay at The Caravan Cafe' as the fringe Woodbridge Regatta on 17th June 2018.
I am getting more into the rhythm machine as an instrument. On YouTube I found, long established, Detroit techno guy Jeff Mills doing a 15 minute drum machine solo and like it a lot.
Also a Celtic fusion band have recruited me on drum machine to substitute for their drummer who has become too busy with the band, Caswell, who are doing rather well. I played a gig with the Celtic fusion band, Aartwork, last weekend and really enjoy playing a drum machine live.
My new album, yet to be released (expected 6th July 2018), has Ledr as the first track and the drum machine attitude had already come to the fore by the weekend of Techno Brunch #4 live set (click link to hear) at Woodbridge Regatta.
Instead of the drum parts being a carrier for the melodic parts, the melodic parts are  reduced and mainly there to highlight the drum machine.