Albums that have shaped my musical taste:
Day 8: In the Land of Grey and Pink - Caravan. Track, Golf Girl.
Growing up is a minefield of friends surrounding you. Some are clear and kind, others self-destructive.
I had enough sense to stay with the good-uns, mostly.
Mates played albums that you'd never heard before. They maybe had older friends, teachers, brothers or sisters who had contact with the good stuff.
In the 70's Caravan came into my listening, bringing nothing but goodness, quirky pastoral vocals, jazz standard playing and energy but not the heavy rock of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath or the trippy indulgence of Gong and Hawkwind, even though I loved those things.
Caravan were like that intelligent friend who would reassure you while too-stoned, not by being too adult, but by the wit and empathy of a loving human.
So In the Land of Grey and Pink is both trippy and grounded - and that's what I liked about it and why it has shaped my musical taste.
Golf Girl - Caravaan - In the Land of Grey and Pink