The Synth Suitcase in flux and unknowingly recording a new album.

Wanting a standalone drum machine with good synths I put the Novation Circuit into  the suitcase, it enables a drum sequence to keep playing while transitioning from one track to another on the Synthstrom Deluge.
I Removed the Alesis NanoComp even though I value it's colouring of drum sounds, but I no longer separate synth and drum channels using hard panning because many Synthstrom Deluge synth patches are built to work in stereo.
Novation Circuit is very immediate, great drums and synths. Not clocked, just beat matched so far, I don't want start/stop messages over midi clock sync.
Overall I put too many synths in and don't really work drums. The "Function Boiler Room set" is my influence and has long drum machine tracks with sprinklings of synths. I tend to use three or four synths but can restrict that to one at a time which gives great variation as different synth parts come and go. Also the focus and clarity is much better.
Task. Mute all synths except one on each Session, when I play discipline myself to stick to this.
Mute Deluge drums as Circuit drums more playable.
Use H9 Control to find simple delays to replace the reverby ones and save to first slots. Done. And Circuit is so playable, sounding excellent.
Two months later I removed Novation Circuit to focus on Synthstrom Deluge and Eventide H9. Adding a microphone and digging out the pink trumpet. I'd heard some Jon Hassell and suddenly that's how I wanted to sound - all harmonized trumpet pads, not necessarily in the "correct" key.
One afternoon I recorded an hour of Deluge/Eventide Harmoniser/pink trumpet, just to listen back at how it was sounding. Liked it so much I cut the hour into a new album. That's how "Trumpet Deluge" was done.
She Stares Into The Pond - Trumpet Deluge.