Circuli - a visual/musical plaything

Circuli is a generative musical instrument conceptualised and developed by Batulan Bozkurt.
It looks like this;
Circuli - Batulan Bozkurt. Screen shot.
The rules Circuli follows are:
  • Circles grow at a constant rate.
  • No two circle can overlap.
  • Bigger circle pushes and shrinks smaller circle when in contact.
  • A circle “pops” and makes a sound when its boundary intersects with the centre of another circle.
  • The pitch of the sound is determined by the position of the circle on the background. Bigger the hole, higher the pitch.
  • The envelope of the produced sound is determined by a number of parameters including final circle size and time of interaction between two involved circles.
You can just play with a few clicks. To me it is like a visual/musical game of patience. I adore it. Thank you Batulan for your imagination and technical skill.
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