What's on a girl on a bike's mind?

I just really like this image.
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 I'm in the fetishistic stage of motorcycle appreciation still because my BMW R65 is in the garage until I pass my m/c test. The weather is so nasty all my training sessions with CB Training, Rendlesham, Suffolk, are having to be rearranged. How can I practice high speed swerves and emergency stops in cold sleet and blustery winds? OK so maybe it's an excellent time to be learning those skills, but at the cost of a broken arm, no thank you. Meanwhile I browse the Web enjoying the huge resources of motorcycle fetish images until I can ride my real bike in the real unfetishistic world. I don't have a sexy fringe, or a 20 year old good looks, or even a hoody. But I do have a beautiful bike waiting for me and for that I am very grateful.
The following photograph is gorgeous, a trail bike with a young woman has a beautiful contrast of grittiness and femininity.

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 This is a beautiful art photograph with the same feminine attraction along with the contrasting motorcycle.
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