Honda C90 and Ed March

Ed March image from his YouTube video in Iran

Ed March rode a Honda C90 from Malaysia to the UK over 8 months. His YouTube videos are fantastic because Ed is the most good natured and happy go lucky rider in the world.
Now Ed March is organising an adventure tour in 2013, from Mongolia to the UK, which he describes like this:

10 lucky (or unlucky ;) riders in search of adventure. We will fly to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with only hand-luggage and a sense of adventure. Once settled, we'll then head off to the local bike market and each buy a small, cheap and simple Chinese Honda, AKA a 'Chonda' for around £500. Then we'll start equipping the bikes and getting ready for the road. This will be up to you. I'll probably be buying some soft panniers and a cheap waterproof topbox, and get the frames welded up at a local shop. I'd advise doing something similar and keeping the bike light, but what you do is up to you.
This is where we'll also buy the tools and other equipment for the trip; camping stoves, tents, sleeping bags and spare parts for the bikes. These are all so cheap out there that it's not worth taking it on the plane. Plus I really enjoy the idea of getting back to the UK with a genuine Mongolian jumper and bike pump and being reminded of the trip every time I use them. Not to mention having a Mongolian motorcycle to ride around too.
The idea to buy the bikes, luggage and other equipment locally in Mongolia is so refreshing, it benefits the country, instead of tourists orbiting by, isolated from the local people and economy by over-priced 'adventure' gear purchased in London prior to departure.
On his Malaysia - UK ride Ed March made a YouTube video of Iran, which shows his world girdling, friendly style.

The Chonda Challenge and other Ed March Adventures are on his website.