Woodbridge Tide Mill

Woodbridge Tide Mill has worked for over 800 years harnessing the tides to drive a mill producing flour and animal feed. It was the last commercially working tide mill in Britain.  At the heart of the mill is a 5m diameter waterwheel constructed of oak. The River Deben is 9 miles from the sea and the tide rises twice each day, filling a reservoir, called Wyllie's Pool. When the tide has fallen the reservoir flows out to drive the waterwheel. 
I shall find out if Wyllie's Pool is a reference to William Lionel Wyllie (1851 - 1931) an English maritime artist.
The present Tide Mill was built in 1793. It stands on a public quay with benches overlooking the River Deben.

High water on a warm autumn day. And on a winter day.

 At night.

Woodbridge Tide Mill.
Tide Mill Way, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 1BY.
Tel: 01728 746959

Opening times: 11:00 - 17:00 Last entry 16:30 . Open every day May to September (April and October weekends only). Closed November to March.